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Our bar in the nightclub Baccara

The bar in our nightclub Baccara in Hildesheim offers drinks with or without alcohol at your choice. We indulge your taste with anything from tickling champagne, fruity cocktails through to various soft drinks and get you going with a casual flirt with our girls. Enjoying with all senses – in our house,
this starts with a delicious drink. At this point already, our friendly barmaid fulfils (almost) every wish.

The beginning of a big passion

You get to know our appealing ladies closer in a comfortable ambience with a drink at the bar. Enjoy the pole show of our attractive girls from your place at the bar. Whether you stay there to take pleasure in the evening programme of our ladies or want to move to one of our private rooms later on – just give vent to
your lust. We want to make sure that you feel at ease so that you can make the most of your love life.

First sight at the bar

The first eye contact, the first touch – our bar has already brought together many men hungry of love with our attractive girls for a hot adventure of lust. Here is where you find out which lady you like optically and who you vibe with. In the casual atmosphere, your wishes and further details for the coming hours can be talked about. Come in, the ladies are looking forward to meeting you.